Phone: 916-577-2228

High School: Del Oro High School

College/degree: William Jessup University, Bachelor of Arts: Intercultural Studies

Role: Admissions Counselor

What you appreciate about WJU: The people.  

I appreciate the faculty.  I particularly appreciate how, when I was a student here, they transformed the way that I perceived the world because of both their insight into their field of expertise and how they intentionally engaged and invested in me.  I was also struck by their character, which I admired and was impressed by in many of my professors.  I appreciate the students, who made me laugh harder than I ever have before and helped me process my experiences and everything that I was learning.  Some became so very dear to me.  I appreciate the staff who have challenged me and encouraged me and served me sacrificially and who I now serve alongside.  I am so blessed by this team.

Favorite things to do: hiking, reading, listening to live music, chatting over good coffee or tea, traveling, exploring, singing, dancing, learning and having good discussions!

A favorite verse: Isaiah 49:15-16, 41:13

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