Transfer Students

WJU welcomes transfer students regardless of the number of units completed at other accredited colleges and universities.

Applicants who have completed more than 24 solid academic semester units at the time of application will have their admission evaluation done primarily on the basis of college work. On the other hand, if you have completed less than 24 solid academic semester units at the time of application, your admission evaluation will be done primarily on the basis of your final high school transcript, SAT/ACT scores and completed college work. Note: the coursework considered for admission may differ from what coursework is actually transferable. In most cases, a transfer student will transfer in more semester units than were used for the admission decision.

In addition to the academic records, an applicant's supporting documents, moral character, and willingness to comply with the standards and values of the University are considered before a final decision is made. IMPORTANT: If money is owed to any previous school, that balance must be paid in full and verified before you can be considered for admission to WJU. An interview is recommended and may be required.

We look forward to learning more about what unique qualities make you standout as a candidate for admission to WJU!

Transfer Day - Info and RSVP!

Transfers, you’re invited to join us to learn more about the University. If you are currently attending a community college or four-year university and are considering transferring to WJU, this event will be helpful to you. Take a campus tour, have lunch, connect with other transfer students, meet with major department chairs and receive Admission, Financial Aid and Registrar information.

Community College Articulation Agreements

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