Homeschool Students

WJU seeks to admit applicants committed to a Christ-centered environment, who can demonstrate solid academic preparation reflected through their transcript and SAT/ACT scores, and who value a traditional undergraduate experience marked by campus community living and involvement. Although WJU does not set minimum academic GPA or standardized test criterion to apply, we practice selective admission. It is recommended that a high school student follow a competitive college preparatory plan that most high schools have established.

Homeschool students are a vital part of our campus community and bring with them unique and valuable experiences. We even offer a competitive scholarship for incoming first-time freshman who have completed all four years of their high school education through an approved homeschool network. (Homeschool Scholarship Application)

It is advised to have transcripts produced by official third party homeschool organizations/networks to minimize scrutiny as to the validity of the grading. Additionally, SAT/ACT scores will be used to balance the evaluation of the academic profile. It is our experience that most homeschool students excel on the SAT/ACT, thus validating the grading of the parent(s)/homeschool network. NOTE: This evaluation process is not unlike what is used to validate public and private traditional school grading.

If a transcript is not available, scores from the GED exam or the California Proficiency Exam are required and must be submitted by stated application deadlines.

WJU Recommended Core Curriculum

  • 4 years of English w/Literature and Composition
  • 3 years of Math (minimum Algebra I & II, Geometry)
  • 3 years of Science (Gen. Science & 2 of Biology, Chemistry or Physics)
  • 3 years of Social Science (US & World History, Government/Economics)
  • 2 years of one Foreign Language (Sign Language is accepted)
  • 1-4 years of an Academic elective (Math/Science/Social Science)
  • An applicant's academic records, supporting documents, moral character, and willingness to comply with the standards and values of the University are considered before a final decision is made. An interview is recommended and may be required.

    We look forward to learning more about what unique qualities make you standout as a candidate for admission to WJU!

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