On behalf of William Jessup University, the Jessup Orientation & Transitions (JOT) department champions the student experience by welcoming new students into our community and introducing them to our unique campus culture.

Your introduction to Jessup continues with the Orientation Weekend Program, which takes place the weekend prior to the start of classes. Orientation Weekend is intentionally designed to welcome all new students and their families into our community. A culmination of Jessup 101 (online orientation) and Advising & Registration, Orientation Weekend consists of a variety of activities, events, community building, and workshops. Through these, students will be introduced to our campus culture while meeting other new students, faculty and staff. It is an interactive and exciting program you won’t want to miss!

New Student Orientation aids new students and their families in their transition into William Jessup University by providing them with opportunities for involvement and education to the mission, purpose, requirements, and resources of the University.

“The Orientation Weekend program was the one thing that made the move-in and transition from moving away from home easier. It made this next stage of our lives more like a homecoming! Everybody is so welcoming and helpful. You can’t help but feel like you’re
right where you belong.”

“Orientation Weekend was a ton of fun! I’m really happy that I got to go, even as a transfer/commuter student. I thought it was just going to be a bunch of stuff for freshmen, but it was a lot of fun and actually helpful for a variety of reasons.”

“Orientation Weekend vanquished my doubts I had about William Jessup. After the program, I couldn’t wait to meet more people, create memories, and dive into the Jessup community head first!”

“Orientation Weekend was a wonderful opportunity to get a head start on the fall semester through jam-packed activities! I was able to make some amazing new friends and by the end of the weekend, I already felt like I belonged in the WJU community.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Orientation Weekend is required for all new students registered for six or more units. The events during this time provide vital information about campus requirements for chapel, graduation, student conduct, and how you can get involved in the
life of the campus. Attending all Orientation Weekend events is also a great way to get to know other students as well as faculty and staff before classes begin.

Yes! You will still greatly benefit from this program. Even though you are coming to WJU with past college experience, we want you to feel welcomed on our campus, give you an opportunity to get to know your peers, and make sure you
understand what is required of you at WJU.

Yes! Please fill out the online registration form through EventBrite to RSVP for Orientation Weekend events. By registering for Orientation Weekend, we will be able to get a better estimate on attendance. We will provide each student with a new Jessup t-shirt and
a welcome packet, so we need to know how many people to prepare for.

All new students are billed a one time $75 Orientation Fee. This fee supplements cost and supplies for Jessup 101, Orientation Weekend, Discover course and Transfer group materials. Any additional costs are marked on the Orientation Weekend schedule and are optional for students to attend.

Orientation will cover all meals during Orientation Weekend unless otherwise stated on the schedule. Be sure to pick up a wristband at the Orientation Weekend check-in table and show to the cashier in the cafe for each meal. If you lose or forget your wristband you will be responsible for covering meal costs.

Each coach has specific plans for pre-season workouts, so they will let you know when they start and what date and time you will be allowed to move in. You can also contact housing@jessup.edu to learn more about your specific time
and move-in requirements.


  • Phone – 916-577-2321
  • Email – nso@jessup.edu

Student Life

  • Phone – 916-577-2321
  • Email – studentlife@jessup.edu

Residence Life/Housing

  • Phone – 916-577-2321
  • Email – housing@jessup.edu

Financial Aid

  • Phone – 916-577-2233
  • Email – finaid@jessup.edu


  • Phone – 916-577-2244
  • Email – registrar@jessup.edu