Outreach & Missions

An essential aspect of the Christian life and spiritual formation at WJU is developing a lifestyle of service. Outreach has been a long tradition at William Jessup University. As a Christ-Centered University, the focus of service stems from our belief that God has called each of his believers to be His hands and feet in the community and the world. This program gives students the opportunity to live out their faith with action. We believe service is an imperative part of the Christian Higher Education experience. Service enhances and enriches the student’s overall experience and is meant to be complimentary to their academic studies and other WJU experiences.

Campus Ministries sponsored outreach opportunities are available throughout the year at WJU. These include ministries such as: homeless ministry, urban outreaches, non‐profit service, tutoring, mission trips, discipleship, and more.


WJU offers domestic and foreign mission trips each year. These are a great way to earn service credit and we encourage every student to consider going on at least one mission trip during their time at Jessup. All Campus Ministries sponsored mission trips count for a semester of Service credit. Students generally raise funds through support letters to cover trip costs.

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