Behavioral Healthcare Administrator
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Adjunct Faculty


Ph.D., Human Development, Fielding Graduate University
M.A., Organizational Studies, Fielding Graduate University
M.A., Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary


I am interested in the ways spirituality and faith overlap with psychology, philosophy, and sociology. My research and writing focus on various aspects of this intersection, and all the classes I teach cover not just the “what” of the subject, but also the “why”. I have published scholarly articles on topics such as missionary selection, holistic human development, and the philosophical and methodological implications of studying religious fundamentalism.

Why Jessup

Since my interests have to do with the relationships between various social sciences and faith, it is important to me that I teach at an institution where students and faculty alike are engaged in the dual processes of examining their theology in light of academic discovery, and examining academic assumptions in light of theology.


College is a time for learning new things, asking new questions, and coming to accept that most of the really hard questions in life don’t have answers that are as clear cut as they once seemed. As a program that integrates faith with academics, SPS offers you the opportunity to learn about yourself as you learn your subject, a chance to actually become someone different while you are exploring knowledge areas that spark your passion. The best learning is holistic. It involves our mind, our emotions, our relationships, and our spiritual identity. This is the kind of learning I strive to facilitate in all the classes I teach at WJU. I hope to meet you in one of them soon!

Favorite Class to Teach

I don’t have a favorite class. The thing I really like is the process of learning, regardless off the subject. I also enjoy witnessing students’ process of intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth as they wrestle with questions that arise from their learning.


2006 ­ present: Manager, Behavioral Health Department, Dignity Health Medical Foundation/Mercy Medical Group
2012 ­ present: Adjunct Faculty, William Jessup University
2003 ­ 2006: Program Manager, Sacramento Children’s Home