Christian Leadership

Christian Leadership


The Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership is designed to equip individuals for service in a church or a parachurch organization.  Courses will focus on building professional and relational skills in communication, program management, and the care and feeding of volunteers. In addition, students will develop biblical frameworks for leadership, program development, and philosophy of ministry.


This program also offers the convenience of a weekend/evening/online schedule. All classes are five weeks in length with on campus meetings scheduled in the second week on Friday (6pm-10pm) and Saturday (8am-5pm), and the fifth week on Friday (6pm-10pm) of each course. This program provides a unique schedule for students who have demanding work schedules and/or family responsibilities.

Major Courses

Christian Leadership majors are required to take WJU Bible Survey and Strategies for Success as pre-requisites prior to beginning the major. Please find our upcoming Christian Leadership cohort schedule below.

Cohort Schedule – Rocklin (CLFA15)