Bridge Program, Free Electives and General Education

SPS Bridge Program

In the Bridge Program we offer general education and free electives (see schedules below). To be admitted to the Bridge Program one must have completed 12 transferable units. Students who are working to meet the entrance requirements for their chosen major, or are seeking to complete requirements for graduation are encouraged to enroll in the SPS Bridge program. Bridge classes are five weeks in length and scheduled in a manner consistent with Major courses, allowing students to complete all their degree requirements at WJU in a time effective and continuous manner.

Bridge Course Schedules

Summer 2014 – Bridge Schedule

 Fall 2014 – Bridge Schedule

General Education and Free Elective Requirements

Subject Area Units
Total General Education Requirements 52
Total Free Elective RequirementsFree Elective courses may be General Education courses that are in excess of the 52 required, as well as physical eduction, technical and vocational courses, within the following restrictions;

  1. No more than 4 Physical Education units may be transferred in
  2. No more than 8 units from applied coursework may be transferred in


Communication – English Composition 1A 3
Communication – English Composition 1B 3
Communication – Oral Communication 3
Humanities and Fine Arts – includes courses in literature, foreign language, philosophy, ethics 6
Natural Science and Lab 4
Math – College Algebra or higher 3
U.S. History/Political Science – must include era of the Constitution 3
General History 3
Social Science elective, Major Pre-requisite

  • for Psychology major, pre-req. is Intro to Psychology
  • for Business Admin/Organizational Leadership major, pre-req. is Microeconomics (or WJU Econ for Managers)
Social Science elective, Major Pre-requisite

  • for Psychology major, pre-reg. is Developmental Psychology
  • for Business Admin/Organizational Leadership major, pre-req. is Macroeconomics (or WJU Econ for Managers)
General education electives – includes above areas and business, marketing, health, Bible and WJU Strategies for Success 18