Registration Information

Students should study the Catalog and the Schedule of Classes, consider the curricula carefully, and plan the courses needed for graduation and required for their majors as well as courses desired for electives. Students must assume complete responsibility for fulfilling all requirements to meet planned objectives.

Registration materials are both posted on the website and sent to students’ Jessup email account each semester.

General Registration Materials

New Student Prep List and Info Sheet

Registration Day Checklist

Audit Student Information

Applied Lesson Registration

Application for Commuter Status

Blank Schedule/Planner

Declaration of Program (for initial declaration or change of major)

Deferred Payment Application

Ethnicity form (U.S. Dept. of Ed. requirement for all students)

FERPA disclosure form

Independent Study Request

Insurance Waiver

Non-Matriculated Student Application and Registration (PDF)

Petition to Add or Drop a Course

Petition to Change Academic Requirements

Petition to Change Final Exam Schedule

Voter Registration

2013-2014 Academic Year

2013-2014 Traditional Program Tuition and Fees

Spring 2014 Registration Materials

Spring 2014 Class Schedule

Spring 2014 Spiritual Formation Groups

Spring 2014 Finals Schedule

Fall 2013 Registration Materials

Fall 2013 Class Schedule

Fall 2013 Spiritual Formation Groups (see Course Offering in Student Portal)

Fall 2013 Finals Schedule

Interterm 2013-2014 Registration Materials

Interterm 2014 Registration Guide (duplicate form no longer necessary)

Interterm 2013-2014 Class Schedule

Global Education Opportunities

Best Semester