William Jessup University is a Liberal Arts University and I’m Proud of it!

Some people are nervous about the “liberal arts” in our highly technological age.

Some are fearful of the word “liberal” or the word “arts” fearing that we have either left our biblical moorings or have become irrelevant to the real world we live in. William Jessup University made the intentional declaration that we would become a Christ-centered liberal arts university when we moved to Rocklin, CA in 2004 and changed our name. Some of our Jessup family may have wondered then or now if being a liberal arts university means that we have wandered from a clear focus on being Christ-centered. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are unashamed to embrace the liberal arts because we know that God is the source of all truth. We see God revealing Himself in nature, in the written word, and in Jesus, the Living Word. Because of this, we know that learning to read, write, think, and speak well is a God-honoring task. In addition, Jesus told us that we should love Him with all our “heart, soul, mind, and strength.” At Jessup, we often describe a faith in Jesus that gets lived out in our “head, hearts and hands.” In our view, liberal arts never go out of style. It is never a bad thing to learn to love and serve Christ and His Kingdom in the marketplace as people who know how to read, write, think and speak in ways that glorify God. Employers regularly tell us that the reason Jessup graduates are hired is that they know of their character and their competencies.

Our faculty has intentionally crafted our University Learning Goals to include “graduates (who) will exemplify transformational leadership in church and society through the integration of their faith, learning and critical thought in the arenas of Christian literacy, communication and intellectual skills, professional competence and global citizenship.”

Many of our most exciting conversations on campus today are where we see innovation springing forth at the convergence between disciplines. It is increasingly common at Jessup to see professors of science, art, and theology talking together about how to communicate the story of God’s activity in our world today. Students at Jessup are being taught, led and engaged in conversation with dedicated faculty and staff. What a privilege to be part of this family!

As you read this issue I know your heart will swell with God-honoring pride. You, like me, are part of a miracle in the making. Thank you in advance for your continued prayers, support, and investment in the future of our students here at Jessup. The treasure of our heritage and the joy of our present experiences are only outshone by the brilliance of the future that God is displaying for us each new day as we move into His preferred future.