William Jessup Univeristy

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Romania- Summer 2014

On June 11th 2014, a team of students will travel for one month to Romania to work with Remember the Children (http://www.remember-the-children.org/) and organization dedicated to serving those who are forgotten in Romania through holistic ministries.

This is our second year working with Remember the Children. Their mission is to work with all of God’s children throughout Romania (Which means everyone!!!). The team will work with local pastors to participate in relationship building, children’s ministry, elder ministry, Orphan care, and church ministry. They will work alongside amazing local pastors who have dedicated their lives to the cause of Christ in their country.

Last year was an amazing trip full of memories, laughs, and tears. It was an encouragement on all sides for the team to be a part of the ministry. We are all looking forward to another year with our dear friends in Romania.