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Amsterdam- Winter 2014

Dec/Jan 2014-2015.  Service in partnership with The Shelter hostel in Amsterdam. The Shelter Hostels provide low-cost Christ Centered housing in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The city has a rich history and attracts many tourists throughout the world. Although the city is steeped in history and beauty, there are many dark places and many tragedies happening everyday throughout places such as the “Red Light District”.

Our team travels to Amsterdam every year to help out with a short “busy season” of the hostel right after Christmas until after New Years. The team helps out with the everyday running of the hostel. They cook, clean, lead Bible discussions, interact with guests from all over the world, and help to encourage the long-term staff who are volunteering months, sometimes years, of their lives to the hostel.

Each year brings a new adventure for this team. We love our relationship with the Shelter. To learn more about the Hostel, please check out their website:  http://www.shelter.nl/