Social Media Drives Jessup’s Fundraising Event

On Tuesday, September 24, William Jessup University will hold Give:24, an annual fundraising effort. The one-day cause-driven social media campaign is a campus wide staff and faculty collaboration to encourage every WJU employee to contact 24 friends, neighbors, co-workers or family, asking them to give just $24 within a 24-hour period.

“WJU was the first university to host a fundraising venture of this nature in 2011,” said Jessup’s Chief Development Officer and event originator, Eric Hogue. “This event reflects who we are as a university. Our mission is to give back and when we engage our constituents to participate; we are able to substantially impact more lives for generations to come.”

Half of the funds raised will go to support student scholarships at the growing Christian liberal arts university. Earlier this fall, Jessup announced another 10 percent increase in enrollment; reporting continued growth for the fourth consecutive year in a row.

“As more students continue to choose Jessup, the need to support student scholarships is greater than ever,” Hogue added.

In the current year, William Jessup University has provided just over $7 million worth of scholarships for achieving students.

Thirty percent of the funds will benefit student missions while the remaining 20 percent will go toward Cityteam Ministries where numerous Jessup alumni currently serve. Cityteam helps provide hot meals, safe shelter, showers, and clean clothing to the homeless population in San Jose, CA.

All departments on campus will conduct business as usual throughout the 24 hour timeframe as all contributions are solicited via email and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter driving participants to the university website at .

New this year is the opportunity for contributors to send a self-administered text replay that affirms their registration for a text reminder. On September 24, participants will be sent another text to remind them to donate and to remind their friends to do the same.

Over the past two years, the event raised over $55,000. This year, the university has a goal of raising $24,000 in a single day.

For more information on Give:24, please visit or call (916) 577-2200.