Jessup Offers Summer Pre-Allied Health Prerequisites Sought After Field Increases Demand for Courses

William Jessup University, the Sacramento area’s only residential four-year private university now offers a Summer Bridge Program featuring five of the most sought-after pre-allied health prerequisite offerings in an effort to meet the extreme demand for these courses.

“Due to the significant impact within our community colleges and universities for pre-allied health courses, Jessup has developed a complete summer program to meet these ongoing needs,” said the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences Chair, Dr. George Stubblefield. “Our goal is to provide students these much needed courses so they don’t have to wait up to a year or two before they can begin to pursue their career objectives.”

Enrolling now, the 14-week program runs from May 1 through August 13 and offers anatomy, physiology, microbiology, introduction to chemistry and statistics. Each course meets once a week on separate days to allow students the opportunity to take more than one course at a time to better attain their educational goals.

The courses provide students with an online lecture portion and an on campus lab portion. The on campus lab portion meets once a week from 6-9 p.m. The online lecture portion also runs 14 weeks. Students are able to register for more than one course at a time.

The Allied Health field elicits some of the most rapidly advancing careers in modern medicine and beckons a sharp demand for educated students. All courses offered by the growing university this summer are required for students who are interested in applying to all allied health schools such as nursing, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner.

Demand for science-based lab courses has more than doubled at William Jessup since 2014. The university now offers Biology, Kinesiology, Environmental Science and Computer Science curriculums.

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