The Education Conference

The Education Conference is designed to address the needs of K-12 teachers and those preparing to be teachers. At the conference you can expect to find grade level breakout sessions of tried and researched practices that you can use the next day in the classroom. Come prepared to be informed, motivated and inspired as we examine how we prepare students to compete in the ever changing world of technology. Our professional panel will provide insight into the impact of technology and science on society and look at the critical skills students need to develop to be successful.

Breakout Speakers:

  • Sally Hoyt, Teacher| Jeff Chalfant, Teacher|Liz Perry, Teacher|
  • Brandon Blom, Principal| Kandace Forrester, Ph.D., Project EDquity|
  • Kristina Allison, Teacher|Nathan Herzog, Ph.D., Professor|
  • Vicky Moore, Teacher| Christina Bartell, Teacher|Susan Smith, Educator
  • Ron Boren, Teacher|Matt Sparling, Teacher|
  • Aisha Lowe, Ph.D, Professor| Rachael Peck, Principal|
  • Janet Baird, PD Specialist|Marc Welty, Principal|Carole Pryor, Inst. Coach
  • Carmen Perkins, Project EDquity|Lari Powell, Lead STEM Teacher

Breakout Topics

  • Leveraging Technology in your classroom
  • Inclusive School Environments
  • Help Your Introverts Succeed in an Extroverted World
  • The 4 C’s (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, Communication)
  • Coding in the Elementary Classroom
  • Tech Tools that Facilitate Collaboration
  • Math Can be Fun
  • ClassDojo
  • Of Course, Open Source
  • Building Resilience through Mindfulness (Social Emotional Learning)
  • Fostering Diversity on Campus
  • Write On! Using Music for Narrative Prompts in Writing
  • Infusing Technology into the Common Core
  • Implementing Listening and Speaking in the Classroom
  • Using Social-Media Platforms for Communication Across Culture & Language
  • Tech-Based Parent School Connection: Online Tools as a Window into the School
  • Effective Student Behavior
  • Creating Academic Learning Environments of Acceptance & Belonging
  • Using the 5 E’s to Build Academic Motivation & Deeper Understanding
  • Desmos-More Than a Graphing Calculator

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