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At William Jessup University, we are committed to the transformative power of education. Often times, students, staff, or alumni have a small skills gap that is best served by a short tutorial instead of taking a whole class. Maybe they’re an English student who would like to know how to develop one of their stories into a game. Or they’d just like to learn how to use the Library’s media equipment better. Perhaps they're a staff member who needs to demystify Excel, or an alumni who needs some basic design skills. The Library can help.

The Library subscribes to, an online resource which provides training modules for technology, business, and design skills. They even have a growing education skills collection for trainers and educators. Courses range from 30 minutes up to 20 hours, and Lynda provides certifications for certain skills including Project Management.

Students, staff, and alumni at William Jessup University can get a free account with for one week at a time through the library. During that time you will have unlimited access to their video-based courses on all kinds of technical and people skills. All your progress is saved as you work through the courses. At the end of a week, your account may be deactivated. All your progress will be saved, and you can be reactivated at any time by requesting access again.

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