Gale Infotrac

Gale (Infotrac) is a company that provides the following databases to WJU

Academic OneFile More Information VIDEO TUTORIAL: Academic OneFile searching VIDEO TUTORIAL: Academic OneFile viewing results
Academic OneFilehas the full-text of a few million of articles from all domains of knowledge.

Business and Company Resource Center More Information VIDEO TUTORIAL: Business and Company Resource Center
This business research tool provides up-to-date case studies, investment research, and company research.

RDS Business Suite More Information VIDEO TUTORIAL: RDS Business Suite
This suite of business research tools provides company profiles, management theory, and statistical data.

Gale Virtual Reference Library More Information VIDEO TUTORIAL: Gale Virtual Reference Library overview VIDEO TUTORIAL: Gale Virtual Reference Library searching
Nearly 400 specialized reference eBooks on all academic subjects to dig deeper into the background information.

History Resource Center -- World More Information
This is a heavily-hyperlinked set of primary and secondary world history documents.

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