Kevin Pischke, WJU Library Director


Dean, Academic Support & Resources

  • M.S. Library Science (2005) University of North Texas
  • M.A. Christian Education (2004) Dallas Theological Seminary
  • B.S. Biblical Studies/Historical Studies (1999) Multnomah University

Kevin and his wife Dena live in Roseville, CA with their four children: Cooper, Paige, Zeke, and Fisher. Kevin was the first history major to graduate from Multnomah in 1999. He went on to pursue further education at Dallas Theological Seminary and University of North Texas.

Kevin currently serves as the Library Director & Director of the Learning Commons at WJU, where he loves working with college students to achieve their educational goals. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys coaching his children’s soccer teams, fishing, and watching Dr. Who.

For someone looking for a fun read, Kevin recommends C. S. Lewis's The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


Kacey Bullock, Electronic Resources Librarian


Electronic Resources Librarian   

  • M.L.I.S. (2015) San Jose State University
  • B.A. English (2013) William Jessup University

Kacey grew up in Pittsburg, CA and moved to Placer County to attend William Jessup University. After graduating in 2013, Kacey began working on her master's degree in Library and Information Science and graduated with an emphasis in Emerging Technologies in 2015. Kacey specializes in literature and information science.

Kacey loves the atmosphere of learning that the library fosters and believes that libraries are the perfect place to learn, create, and collaborate.

Kacey highly recommends the comic book series Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson. She also recommends The Color of Water by James McBride.


Rosamond Kania, Library & Academic Technology Assistant


Library & Academic Technology Assistant 

  • B.A. English (2016) William Jessup University
  • Rose is from Amador County, CA, eventually relocating to Rocklin to attend William Jessup University with odd years of commuting between the two. Rose graduated WJU in 2016 after three years of involvement with the Lahav Research Project, affiliated with Emory University.

    Rose worked in William Jessup's library for two years as a student worker, and she could not be happier to have been hired back as staff. She loves the community of learning that the library fosters, and she is passionate about stories of every kind. Rose enjoys oranges, playing drums, and travelling whenever she can afford it. In her spare time she will be found outdoors.

    For a good read, Rose specifically recommends The Brothers Karamazov, the Harry Potter series, Shakespeare's plays, The Little Prince, and the genre of confessional poetry.


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