At William Jessup University, we want you to become exceptionally employable through purposeful experiences aimed at equipping you for your career and lifelong learning. The Office of Career & Life Planning exists to support those experiences through career counseling, occupational exploration, internship and job search preparation, career readiness workshops and other events to expose you to a variety of opportunities to network, connect and LAUNCH.

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Learn from faculty and staff the best ways to be competitive in your preparation for academic life after Jessup, and the options for career direction your degree can take you.

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Career Tips: Cover Letters

Career Tips: Informational Interviewing

Career & Life Planning

  • Location: Paul Nystrom Library (Learning Commons)
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  • Online Career Counseling Available
  • Email: careerservices [at] jessup [dot] edu
  • Phone: (916) 577-1815
  • Director of Career and Life Planning: Christy Jewell
  • Phone: 916-577-1815
  • Career Counselor: Bethany Okusako
  • Phone: 916-577-8050
  • Media: