The Academy Support Programs are created to partner with the academic support needs of first-year, continuing, and transfer students admitted to William Jessup University. All Academy programs listed below are linked to study skills services provided in the Learning Commons including math and writing centers and tutoring in selected academic subjects.

Freshman Academy

A full-time, one year, academic support program designed to assist new students admitted on academic support with study and learning skills development. Students are grouped as a cohort for the academic year.

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Academic Enrichment Academy

A one-semester, one-unit course, where students contract to attend classroom and/or individual advising, which provides them with an overview of skills necessary for successful completion of program and degree. AEA is designed to serve as a “grace” semester for freshmen and sophomore continuing students who have been unsuccessful in maintaining the required term and WJU accumulative grade-point-average (GPA) necessary for degree completion.

Transfer Academy

A one-unit, eight-week refresher course with 8-week scheduled advising sessions, where transfer students admitted on academic support will be registered. WJU juniors and seniors who slip below acceptable GPA standards will be eligible for participation and work concurrently with the Transfer Academy instructor and their major advisor.

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Student Mentoring Academy

Designed to partner peer mentors with students enrolled in any of the Academy programs, per request. Mentors are selected from qualified former Academy students. They will be trained in communication and referral skills to assist Academy students to become better acclimated to Jessup’s spiritual, academic, and social campus culture.