President's Circle

“Today we are seeing the outward manifestation of the inner grace that God is pouring out on William Jessup University,” says Dr. John Jackson. One of our most evident visuals of God’s grace is our President’s Circle members. This group of friends, alumni and organizations play a vital role in the Christ-centered mission of WJU.”

The President’s Circle is made up of generous men and women who have a passion for Christ-centered higher education and its role in redeeming world culture to the glory of God. As friends, parents, faculty, organizations and alumni, President's Circle partners support Jessup through their finances and prayer, and connect more deeply with the university through special President's Circle events and communications.

President Dr. Jackson - Great is Thy Faithfulness
Impacting Jessup Students

The priority of William Jessup University is to partner with the Church to bring about cultural transformation through Christ-centered education of our future leaders. Our future leaders are actively being called to serve in the government, educational system, healthcare, ministries, business and the arts and it is only through the generosity of donors we can transform and redeem our culture.

By joining the President’s Circle you are making Christ-centered higher education more affordable and accessible through the University Scholarship Fund. Today, we call on our brothers and sisters to help fill the void in our culture by sending men and women into areas of leadership where Christ will be glorified and magnified.

When you become a President’s Circle member, you make it possible to:

  • Help WJU to maintain an affordable tuition and low graduate debt
  • Fund and support over 90% of the student body with scholarships
  • Continue to strengthen and enhance innovative student learning opportunities
  • Enable WJU to attract and retain exceptional Christian faculty in the classroom
  • Generously support God’s faithfulness in Christ-centered Higher Education
Prayerfully consider becoming a President’s Circle member today, as we seek God’s hand together in transforming tomorrow, today.
A Message from the President

With a big vision and humble beginnings William Jessup followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to start a college in a small house in San Jose. In September of 1939 the college started with just fourteen students and the hope to change culture for the glory of God.

Now, nearly 80 years since these humble beginnings, William Jessup University has thriving campus’ in Rocklin and San Jose where men and women experience a quality Liberal Arts education that prepares them professionally and transforms them spiritually to lead in the area of church, family, government, education, business, sciences and the arts.

Along the way we expanded because of the grace of God, effectual prayer of the saints and generous men and women who invested in the mission of the university to redeem world culture.

Through the growth of the university we have remained steadfast and true to biblical authority of scripture and its influence upon the transformation of the heart and mind. We are unequivocally Christ-centered in all we do.

Today, we train and equip more than 1,600 students who have their hearts set to reflect the image of Christ in our world. President’s Circle members are active ministry partners with the university praying fervently, giving generously, sharing unapologetically, and serving boldly. Because of this faithful group, today’s affordability needs are met while investing in an exciting future that is bright and full of potential. Your partnership, along with God’s grace, will expand our reach by making tuition accessible and affordable. Today, we steward all gifts with diligent efforts combined with ambitious goals to enhance our Christ-Centered approach to higher education. You are essential to the success of William Jessup University and the transformative work in the world. Thank you for prayerfully considering membership today.

John Jackson, PhD


What Does it mean to be President’s Circle Member?

The President’s Circle is a community of faithful partners who are committed to supporting the University as generous stewards of their resources; championing the mission of the university and praying for the president.

Generous Stewardship

We are generous because God was first generous towards us. Because God gave we are able to give to His glory and for His glory. President’s Circle members find joy in giving of their God-given resources for God’s kingdom work at WJU. Each individual has various passions inside and outside of WJU and joyfully give; through their time, talent, creativity and treasure. Though gifts come in many shapes and forms, President’s Circle members give generously because they share the same belief in the transformative power of Christ-centered higher education for the ministries and marketplaces in which our students and graduates serve.

Champion the Mission

President’s Circle members believe in the mission and vision of WJU. In their active belief President’s Circle members are ambassadors for WJU so that those they engage in relationship might explore opportunities to connect with WJU.

Pray for the President

President’s Circle members pray for WJU, its students, its professors, and its leaders. The act of prayer is vital to the life of the university as we move toward the future. Change has become what is normal and with continuing transition we lean on the grace of God through the prayers of His saints.


When you become a member we desire to have a genuine and authentic relationship with you as we share the Jessup culture and experience.

President’s Circle members hold a passion for Christ-centered education. Funds given to the University Fund for student scholarships help keep tuition affordable and graduate debt low while attracting first-class faculty to the University.

Membership Levels*:





$1000 Annually ($84/Month) $2500 Annually ($209/Month) $5000 Annually ($417/Month) $10000 Annually ($834/Month)
1 Scholarship 3 Scholarship 5 Scholarship 10 Scholarship
Active membership is based upon our academic year from July 1st through June 30th, therefore, we provide scholarships to qualified students based on your generosity during this timeframe.


  • Monthly e-Newsletter with presidential updates, campus events and news
  • Video messages directly from President Jackson
  • Invitations to retreats and unique President’s Circle events and an annual Spring Appreciation event hosted by President Jackson.
  • Exclusive opportunities to the Jessup community, president and students
  • A personal Jessup representative to assist you with all your interaction with the University
  • Personalized tours of the University for family members interested in attending Jessup
  • Priority placement for event registration and news
  • VIP seating and all-access to select events, sporting events, musicals and lecture series
  • Community Access to the Library (Complimentary access to on-campus resources)


  • Priority placement for event registration and news
  • VIP seating and all-access to select events to sporting events, musicals and lecture series
  • Access to lectures and notable Campus events
  • 10% Discount for select Jessup events (Sports, Musicals and Creative Arts performances)
  • Spring Appreciation Dinner with President, Dr. John Jackson (Circle of Excellence Award and Jessup Gala)


  • Community Access to the Library (Complimentary access to on campus resources)
  • Access to the Jessup chapel, live and via web

Gear (insubstantial value)

  • Welcome Letter, Benefit & Events Brochure
  • Commemorative Pin signifying membership
  • Book: Living the Lord’s Prayer by Dr. David Timms - Faculty and Theology Chair
For more information on President’s Circle events and benefits please email or call David Pineschi at 916-577-1809 or
President’s Circle members will receive invitations to exclusive events designed specifically for members, along with updates and emails regarding activities happening at Jessup. When you become a President's Circle member, our desire is to have you connect and be an active part of the Jessup community throughout the year. As President’s Circle members you will experience engaging and meaningful relationships with Dr. Jackson, staff, faculty, other President’s Circle members and students.
Event Date
Lecture Series and other notable events will be posted on the monthly newsletter and on the Jessup website. If you would like updates please refer to the President’s Circle monthly newsletters or contact me directly. For more information on President’s Circle events and benefits please email or call David Pineschi at 916-577-1809 or Dates are subject to change
  • Who can I talk to about becoming a President's Circle member? David Pineschi is the Director of Donor Development at William Jessup University and has become an advocate for Christ-centered higher education. He's been working in the Christian Higher education industry for the past ten years and loves to serve our President’s Circle Members, WJU partners and students.David Pineschi can assist you with all matters related to the President's Circle and can be contacted at: (916) 577-1809 or
  • Why should I become a President's Circle member? Those who give to WJU not only enjoy federal tax deductions, but also join a community of unified and diverse partners. WJU students, both present and past, can attest to the provisional paths laid before them that resulted in their enrollment and graduation. The University Fund has often been the instrument God used to create those pathways. WJU is a university founded on the idea of educating and training men and women in ministry and the marketplace for the glory of God. The most rewarding aspect of giving, however, is knowing that the gift produces something eternal for the glory of God.
  • Why was the President’s Circle created? In the Fall of 2011 we became keenly aware of God’s blessing and provision through generous partners of Jessup. At Jessup we share in a distinctively beautiful community, so the President’s Circle was created to celebrate and share this with our friends and partners who invested in and demonstrated commitment to our shared mission.Since 2011 President’s Circle members have given over $8 Million to the advancement and betterment of the university. We glory in Christ for their generosity and continued partnership in Transforming, Tomorrow...Today.
  • Must I give the amount in one gift or in installment? Gifts can be given at once or in installments to meet your desired level of membership. Additionally, you may set up monthly recurring gifts online.
  • What is the University Fund? Through University Fund scholarships, a diverse group of students are able to enroll at WJU, discover their calling, and receive a transformative Christ-centered education that empowers them spiritually, professionally and academically to impact the world for Christ.

Support God’s faithfulness in Christ-centered Higher Education


David Pineschi, MBA

Director of Donor Development
(916) 577-1809

David Pineschi has been working in the Christian Higher education industry for the past ten years. His passion for Christian Higher Education intensified while attending Hope International University where he obtained an MBA in Nonprofit Management. View David's Bio