Alternative or Private Loans

Alternative or Private Student Loans are designed to supplement federal, state, and institutional financial aid. Borrowers must be credit worthy, many times requiring a co-signer. Loan programs may vary widely. Students should only consider obtaining an Alternative or Private Student Loan if they have maximized all Federal Stafford Loan options!

Private Loan Marketplace

Private Student Loan Marketplace Once you have considered scholarships, grants and federal student loans, you can find a private student loan using the Private Student Loan Marketplace. The Marketplace is the only website that presents, side-by-side, the specific loan rates and terms you would see if you applied with each lender directly. You should then pick the private loan that is most appropriate for you and continue on to your chosen lender to complete the loan process.

The Marketplace will pull your credit report in order to instantly simulate the actual terms of loans available to you from local and national lenders – complete with APR, interest rate, total cost, monthly payment, borrower benefits, fees and repayment options. Your credit report will not be harmed by using the Marketplace. Remember that only by completing the lender’s application can you be sure to receive the product rate and terms you select in the Marketplace.

Please see our Lender Selection Criteria for information on how lenders are chosen for the Private Loan Marketplace.

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Code of Conduct

William Jessup University has adopted a Code of Conduct with respect to student loans which applies to all employees in the Financial Aid Office and anyone else at our school who has any responsibilities with respect to student loans or the selection of preferred lenders for student loans.