Employment FAQ’s


Should I contact the WJU Human Resource Department if I am seeking employment at the University?

Job openings are posted on the website.  For posted Staff positions, please contact hr@jessup.edu.  For posted Faculty positions, please contact academics@jessup.edu.


How often are new jobs listed?

New jobs can be posted at any time. Please see our Staff and Faculty openings.


What is the application process?

All applicants must submit a resume, complete an employment application, affirm the Statement of Faith and submit a written testimony of personal Christian faith. Applications are accepted for advertised vacancies only. A copy of the WJU employment application can be downloaded from our website. Contact information and/or other application requirements will be listed in the job posting.


Do you keep applications on file so that I do not have to turn in a new application each time I apply for a specific position?

We require you to submit a separate application each time you apply for a position. Every application is evaluated separately based on the classification for which you are applying. You may submit photocopies of earlier applications (with original signatures), but you will need to indicate the title of the position you are applying for on each application.


May I turn in an application for a position that may become available in the future?

Our application procedure requires you to turn in applications for current open positions rather than for positions that may be available in the future.


May I submit a cover letter, resume and letters of recommendation with my application materials?

Yes, however resumes are not accepted in lieu of completing a WJU application. Applicant pools are competitive, so you may wish to consider including additional materials that demonstrate your strengths and qualifications for the position(s) you are applying for.


Should I bring in my application in person?

We prefer electronic applications however, you may drop your application off to the WJU receptionist. Please note the specific job opening that you are applying for on the front of the envelope.


How will I know the status of my application?

Candidates who are selected to interview will be contacted by phone or email. The recruitment process can range from a few weeks to a few months depending on the job classification and the complexity of the selection process. It is our goal to let all applicants know the status of their application either by email or regular mail. The volume of applications received is considerable; therefore, this may not happen quickly.


How can I find out about specific requirements for a position?

All Staff job postings have a link to the full job description, which specifies the qualifications, education, knowledge, skills and abilities required for each position.


If I am interviewed, what additional documents will I need to complete?

All final candidates will complete an Authorization to Obtain an Investigative Consumer Report and/or Consumer Credit Report Disclosure form upon receiving a contingent verbal job offer.


If I am hired, what additional documents will I need to complete to be eligible to work at WJU?

Staff and Faculty: In order to comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act, (1986) it is necessary to establish your identity and employment eligibility. You are required to present original documents. For example: United States Passport, Alien Registration Card, a valid visa or Drivers License and Birth Certificate. A complete list of acceptable documents is available from the Human Resources department.

Faculty: In addition to the employment application and background screening documents, faculty must provide original transcript(s) or verification of highest degree earned with university seal.


What should I do if I do not have a social security card or number?

Without a social security number Human Resources will not be able to process you on payroll. A new Social Security number may take 4 to 6 weeks to receive. As soon as you receive your new card present it to the Human Resources office so that we can verify and process you on payroll.

For more information, please visit the Social Security Administration Website.