Youth Ministry Overview

Recognizing the strategic role of the youth minister in the spiritual development of young people (middle school, high school and college), William Jessup University offers a major in youth ministries. The vision of the youth ministry program is to reach the next generation by preparing students to evangelize and disciple youth and their families. The mission of the youth ministry program is to creatively prepare students to be dynamic leaders and facilitators that inspire youth to the Christian life.


  • Learn to devise, discuss and defend a personal philosophy of Youth Ministry that is both biblically formulated and developmentally appropriate
  • Develop a ministry to youth in a church or Para-church organization in diverse socio-cultural settings
  • Learn to assist adolescents and their families in problem-solving and decision-making
  • Prepare to stay current in youth culture
  • Develop the ability to identify models of effective youth ministries through internships, guest lecturers and field trips
  • Develop the ability to recruit, nurture and mentor teenage leaders and adult volunteer staff
  • Develop the ability to prepare and deliver sound and effective teaching to youth
  • Christ-centered, faith based courses
  • Personalized advising
  • WASC & ABHE Accredited

Career & Internship Opportunities

  • Church Ministry
  • Non-profit and Para-church Organizations
  • Human/Social Services
  • Education
  • Volunteer Ministry
  • Publishing
  • Camp Ministry
  • Inner City Ministry
  • Corrections/Probation

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate Christian leadership and professional competence.
  • Communicate a Christian worldview within a biblical context in a global society.
  • Integrate current youth ministry theory and adolescent faith development.
Featured Faculty
Chair and Professor, Youth Ministry Department
Why do you enjoy working at Jessup?
I can’t imagine being anywhere else. The Christ-centered focus. I feel the school is situated for great things. The faculty, staff and of course the students. The students surprise me, they are so clever and creative. I admire the ones who work two jobs or who work at a job and a ministry and still put the time into their classes. Watching the students who go on after graduation to do things that make God smile.
Youth Ministry Faculty
Associate Professor of Youth Ministry