Theatre Arts Overview

Jessup’s BA in Theatre is an immense, pre‐professional training ground for theatre practitioners. The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre offers specializations in Acting, Musical Theatre, Theatre Design and Technology, and Theatre Management.

From backstage to onstage, students will learn how to tell excellent stories that illuminate the human condition and bring people into right relationship with God and their fellow man. You will learn how to create theatre from concept to performance in a department valuing a strong theological aesthetic and an entrepreneurial spirit. The mission of the BA in Theatre program is to produce students who are highly employable theatre artists, Christian leaders, entrepreneurs, and skilled craftsmen who are capable of vast, positive, influence in the arts, media, and entertainment. Jessup Theatre is a four‐year training ground preparing you to make a unique contribution to the art form.

A graduate with a BA in Theatre will have:

  • Developed and articulated an informed theological aesthetic and possess the ability to apply it to theatrical practice.
  • An increased knowledge of the history of theatre.
  • The ability to effectively analyze the theatre text from an informed artistic sensibility as viewed through the lens of a Judeo‐Christian worldview.
  • Cultivated technical skill sets for theatrical performance, production, and management.
  • Demonstrated proficient strategy and skill in engage the professional theatrical community.


  • A hands-on, multiple-disciplinary approach to education
  • Students will learn to integrate their faith and artistry and develop a personal mission statement
  • We provide basis business and entrepreneurial courses designed to teach students how to market themselves as a professional artist
  • Students will develop an innovative senior project or work in a professional artistic internship to strengthen their resume and prepare for a lifetime of employment in the arts
  • With our performance and gallery spaces, students will have many opportunities to perform, produce and display their works of art for public exposure
  • Jessup’s Creative Arts faculty are practicing professional artists with impressive backgrounds and committed to changing culture through the arts effectively preparing their students to succeed in their chosen profession
  • Christ-centered, faith-based courses
  • Personalized Advising
  • WASC Accredited

Career & Internship Opportunities

  • Artistic Director
  • Arts Critic
  • Creative Arts Pastor
  • Design Strategist
  • Event Coordinator/Planner
  • Managing Director
  • Professional Artist/Actor/Technician
  • Programming Director
  • Promoter
  • Talent Agent
  • Stage manager
  • Visual Communications

Bachelors of Arts in Theatre Arts Audition Requirements for Scholarship Applicants

Performance Concentration

  • Bring a headshot and resume (specifying experience in theatre productions)
  • Prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue of your choosing and be prepared to work it

Musical Theatre Performers

  • In addition to fulfilling the requirements above for Theatre Concentration, prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theater song with appropriate accompaniment (no a cappella)
    Visual Arts Concentration:
  • Bring a resume (specifying any art awards, art showings, or anything of the sort you have been a part of)
  • Bring 5-10 examples of your best work from your portfolio (a variety of different mediums is ideal if you have it)

Theatre Management Concentration

  • Bring a resume (specifying any management or artistic endeavors you have been involved in, pertaining to your desired emphasis – theatre or visual arts)
  • Prepare either a one-minute monologue (see Theatre requirements) or portfolio (see Visual Arts requirements), depending on desired emphasis of Arts Management

Interest in Dance (Concentration in one of above)

  • Bring a resume (specifying involvement in dance or arts)
  • Prepare a one-minute dance piece with pre-recorded music

All scholarship applicants should be prepared as you will be required to take part in an interview in addition to your performances/presentations. This audition will not determine your acceptance into the program or WJU, it will simply allow the department to determine scholarship level based on performance and need.

To schedule a theatre or arts management audition, contact jmartin [at] jessup [dot] edu. To schedule a visual arts audition, contact Derek Martin at dmartin [at] jessup [dot] edu.

Learning Outcomes

  • An informed Christian aesthetic and possess the ability to apply their aesthetic to various art forms and artistic media.
  • An increased knowledge of the history of the arts and/or specific media and practices.
  • The ability to effectively analyze art forms from an informed artistic sensibility as viewed through the lens of a Judeo-Christian worldview.
  • Cultivated technical skill sets in various artistic areas.
  • The ability to effectively serve the church and/or the community through practicing his or her art form.
Featured Faculty
Faculty, Theatre, Associate Professor of Creative Arts
Why do you enjoy working at Jessup?

Jessup is positioned for great impact in the region and in the country for young Christian artist-leaders. The opportunity to begin and develop a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary arts program offered me the chance to live out what I believe God has called me to do – to help the church became the major culture leader and shaper in society once again.

When I visited Jessup, God gave me a vision… I remember coming to visit one morning and the sun shone greatly against the side of the buildings, lighting Jessup up like a torch. God said that this was to be a “Shining City on a Hill.”

I felt God had his hand on Jessup, guiding and using the faculty, administration, staff, and students to change the cultural atmosphere of Placer County and the Greater Sacramento Region. I wanted to be a part of what could be such a valuable tool for God’s glory. With President Jackson’s insight, vision, and leadership, I have no doubt that God will do amazing things with this unique and excellent institution.