Pastoral Ministry Overview

The Pastoral Ministry program at WJU will prepare you to be skilled in preaching, discipleship, church planting and growth. It is the most interesting and exciting work in the world. The kingdom need is for people of character who are not afraid to deal with challenge, change, and opportunity. The Pastoral Ministry program prepares graduates for this leadership as senior pastors, associate pastors, and other key positions. As part of the Practical Theology department, we continue the longstanding heritage of the University to partner with the local church to evangelize, disciple, edify and unify believers to maturity in Christ. Graduates are expected to put factual knowledge to practical use in the ministry of the local church or parachurch organization. Those who plan to attend graduate school or seminary will have gained the knowledge and research skills required for advanced study.

In addition to pastoral studies, you will also learn how to understand and interpret the Bible using proper exegetical methods and tools as well as learn valuable communication, evangelism and counseling skills that are relevant to today’s society.


  • Students will be able to utilize proper exegetical methods and tools to interpret the Christian scriptures with a view toward preaching, teaching, and church management
  • Students will etablish a system of values and beliefs which is scripturally based and results in a wholesome life of service and example in both church and society
  • Graduates are skilled in preaching, leading worship, evangelism, pastoral care, counseling and church administration
  • Graduates have entered into a life of spiritual formation integrating vocation, ministry, character and lifestyle
  • Christ-centered, faith based courses
  • Personalized advising
  • WASC & ABHE Accredited

Career & Internship Opportunities

  • Church/Para-church Leadership
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Church Planting and Development
  • Counseling