Music Overview

Students in the Music Degree program at William Jessup University receive a thorough grounding in both traditional and contemporary theory and practice courses. They develop performance skills and acquire new musical proficiencies appropriate to their chosen career path.


The Music program provides opportunities for all students to be involved in a wide variety of performance groups who travel regionally to represent WJU.


  • Students receive core foundational studies in Music Theory and Ear Training courses
  • Key partnerships with anchor churches provide real world experiences for students in studio/production settings
  • Numerous musical touring opportunities exist with a variety of traveling groups and ensembles
  • Students are exposed to recording studio experiences through the University Choir & Orchestra in an annual album recording
  • Personal mentoring and leadership training
  • Christ-centered, faith based courses
  • Personalized advising
  • WASC Accredited

Career & Internship Opportunities

  • Music Performer
  • Independent Artist
  • Worship Leader
  • Creative Arts Director
  • Music Teacher
  • Music Management
  • Recording Engineer
  • Music Publishing
  • Music Business
  • Arranger/Composer
Featured Faculty
Administrative Assistant, Music
Music Faculty
Professor, Department of Music
Chair, Music Department

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to perform with excellence as a vocal or instrumental musician.
  • Proficiency in piano.
  • Proficiency in music theory and ear training.
  • Ability to analyze, compose, and arrange music for various vocal and instrumental media.
  • Acquisition of a broad knowledge and aesthetic appreciation of music literature through study and performance.
  • Knowledge of the history of music and worship and its relationship to contemporary society.
  • Familiarity with non-western music and musical forms.
  • Ability to develop and lead an effective music ministry, program or business based on sound biblical and educational principles.
Interested in auditioning for the Fall 2018 semester?

Music auditions take place year-round during normal business hours (Monday-Friday). If you are interested in auditioning or would like more information about music scholarships, please contact Lauren Horst at or 916-577-8093

Jessup Music is thrilled and excited for the opportunity to bring its music and ministry to your church! The relationships we cultivate with church congregations are an integral part of our program and of utmost importance to us.