Kinesiology Overview

The Kinesiology Program offers students the opportunity to explore and engage in critical topics within the field and its related sub-disciplines, prepare for varied professional opportunities and bring a Christ-centered perspective to the sports and health industries. The program provides educational opportunities and a variety of practical experiences that help prepare students for a professional career and/or advanced study. Energetic, well-educated Students receive instruction in a model designed to promote retention, community building and cooperative learning.

A graduate with a B.S. in Kinesiology will be able to:

  • Articulate the principles of kinesiology and its sub-disciplines in an academic/professional environment
  • Understand and apply protocols and processes necessary for evaluation and determination of specific requirements, corrective suggestions, and individual decision-making for specific needs implementation
  • Critically integrate redemptive Christian perspectives in theory and practice
  • Achieve and establish significant subject specific relationships
  • Demonstrate a level of skill and knowledge necessary for employment
  • Detail and analyze organizational fundamentals of athletic concepts and management
  • Define current and anticipated systems of application related to sports, health, pedagogy, and allied health
  • Analyze and evaluate the nature and cause of biomechanical injury, design and implement procedures of restoration
  • Engage in further research and documentation aspects of all core areas
  • Engage in graduate level certification, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in related fields (i.e. teaching certification, Physical Therapy, Medicine, and others)
Featured Faculty
Chair of Kinesiology
Why do you enjoy working at Jessup?
I’m excited to be joining William Jessup University and to help support the academic mission of the college which seeks to develop the whole person; including their Physical Health and Wellbeing. Faith-based health and fitness programsinterventions are becoming increasingly more popular and mainstream and I’m excited to be part of the rapid growth in the Christian Fitness and Exercise movement. With the addition of the Kinesiology program at WJU students will be able to choose from several different areas of study, including; exercise science, sports management, and health and wellness. The department will offer courses, labs and real-world experiences specific to careers in exercise physiology, biomechanics, sport and exercise psychology, public school teaching, athletic training, coaching, corporate fitness and wellness, and more.