Kinesiology Overview

The Kinesiology Program offers students the opportunity to explore and engage in critical topics within the field and its related sub-disciplines, prepare for varied professional opportunities and bring a Christ-centered perspective to the sports and health industries. The program provides educational opportunities and a variety of practical experiences that help prepare students for a professional career and/or advanced study. Energetic, well-educated Students receive instruction in a model designed to promote retention, community building and cooperative learning.

A graduate with a B.S. in Kinesiology will be able to:

  • Articulate the principles of kinesiology and its sub-disciplines in an academic/professional environment
  • Understand and apply protocols and processes necessary for evaluation and determination of specific requirements, corrective suggestions, and individual decision-making for specific needs implementation
  • Critically integrate redemptive Christian perspectives in theory and practice
  • Achieve and establish significant subject specific relationships
  • Demonstrate a level of skill and knowledge necessary for employment
  • Detail and analyze organizational fundamentals of athletic concepts and management
  • Define current and anticipated systems of application related to sports, health, pedagogy, and allied health
  • Analyze and evaluate the nature and cause of biomechanical injury, design and implement procedures of restoration
  • Engage in further research and documentation aspects of all core areas
  • Engage in graduate level certification, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in related fields (i.e. teaching certification, Physical Therapy, Medicine, and others)


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology


Health & Wellness
Exercise Science
Sports Management