Information for High School Administrators and Teachers

Fall 2017/2018 Dual Credit Course applications due by June 1, 2017.

WJU Dual Credit Students have access to helpful online resources through WJU’s online student portal. Find out how to get started on the Information for Students and Parents page.

Registration Deadlines

Currently all approved dual credit courses are year-long and have the following deadlines:

  • November 1 – Last day to submit an Application for Dual Credit High School
  • November 1 – Last day to Drop a Dual Credit course with 100% refund of tuition
  • January 1 – Last day to Drop a Dual Credit course; No tuition will be refunded and the grade on the transcript will be “W”, signifying ‘Withdrawal’

As a Dual Credit Partner, your high school students will receive:

  • An opportunity to gain college credit in high school at an affordable rate;
  • Credits transferable to almost any university in the nation;
  • Preparation for the next step in their lives while enjoying high school.

Become a William Jessup University Dual Credit Partner

William Jessup University’s Dual Credit program is available to schools across the nation.


  1. Determine the college-level courses within your curriculum. William Jessup University encourages schools to submit general education courses which most colleges and universities across the country require. Examples are found in our list of William Jessup University Dual Credit Course Equivalencies.
  2. Fill out a course application for each course submittal.
  3. The course application should include the course syllabus and samples of assignments, exams, rubrics,along with examples of any other evaluation methods. Include a school profile in the application materials. William Jessup University preferred Dual Credit faculty qualifications are found on the Course Application Checklist for all additional information required to process the application.
  4. William Jessup University may request additional course materials in order to determine the collegiate-level of the course. When the application is complete, the William Jessup University Dual Credit department will communicate the outcome of the decision. If accepted, the school will receive course equivalency information from the the university and move forward in setting up student registration for the desired semester.

Program Information

William Jessup University Dual Credit enables high schools to offer dual credit courses on their campus, utilizing their college-level curriculum, and their highly credentialed faculty. There is no school fee to apply for dual credit courses and no restrictions to how many courses a school may choose to offer.

Students are not required to apply to William Jessup University in order to register for William Jessup University Dual Credit courses. The student registration process is completed online and takes less than 10 minutes. Students have the option of gaining access to William Jessup University’s student library resources which are extensive.

Individual high schools determine which students are eligible for dual credit courses and how many each student may take. William Jessup University Dual Credit courses are typically junior and senior-level courses that are more rigorous than normal curriculum.

Students must order transcripts to be sent to their universities. William Jessup University does not send transcripts unless students have placed an online order. Make sure students request the transcript is held until grades are posted.

Submitting Grades

The high school is responsible for submitting final grades at the conclusion of the course. WJU will contact each school with information regarding grade submittal.

Course Evaluations

Students will receive an email from William Jessup University requesting them to complete the course evaluation at the completion of their coursework. This request with instructions will be sent to their WJU email address.