Biology Overview

William Jessup University’s Biology Program is dedicated to providing students with the personal support and intellectual skills to master core principles and
competencies in the life sciences and to apply their knowledge, from a Christian ethos, in the service of humanity. Students of Biology will be trained how to think ‘beyond’ the life sciences, to integrate concepts from diverse disciplines. The multidisciplinary approach in Biology naturally gives rise to novel solutions and new discoveries, creating opportunities for WJU graduates, as Christian critical thinkers, to impact society and lead in new fields.


  • Extensive multidisciplinary course offerings that explore the convergence of the life sciences with diverse fields such as business, religion, psychology, sociology, public policy, and the arts
  • Rigorous ‘Pre-Med’ curriculum with lower and upper division course work in Biology and supporting physical sciences and mathematics
  • Highly collaborative, cross-disciplined and integrative approach to instruction
  • Christ-centered, faith-based courses
  • Guaranteed course enrollment
  • Personalized Advising
  • WASC Accredited

Career & Internship Opportunities

  • Agribusiness
  • Animal Production
  • Biotechnology
  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Government
  • Humanitarian Service
  • Life Science Research
  • Medicine and Allied Health
  • Policy
Featured Faculty
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
Why do you enjoy working at Jessup?
I am walking in obedience and I am thrilled to be part of what God is doing here. Lots of exciting things happening at Jessup!
Other Biology Faculty
Co-Chair Division of Natural and Applied Sciences, Chair - Biology Department,
Lab Technician - Biology Department