Biblical Studies Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies provides students with a strong biblical foundation for viewing all of life through the lens of the biblical redemption storyline. Students develop skills that enable them to understand the core linguistic, literary, historical, and cultural contexts of the Bible.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the BA in Biblical Studies, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the core elements of the biblical storyline and explain how the individual parts contribute to and develop the storyline, and vice versa;
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in one of the biblical languages (Greek or Hebrew);
  3. Exegete Scripture contextually and meaningfully;
  4. Synthesize their biblical studies with their own personal spiritual formation;
  5. Articulate the importance and relevance of strong thought-leadership for cultural change.


General Education Requirements 60 units (21 units elective)
Bible Core 18 units
Biblical Studies Major 42 units (9 units elective)
Total 120 units

Bible Core (18 units)

BIBL101 Old Testament Foundations (3)
BIBL104 New Testament Foundations (3)
BIBL349 Hermeneutics (3)
THEO451 Christian Theology (3)
Lower Division Bible Elective (3)
Upper Division Bible Elective (3)

Biblical Studies Major (36 units)

Language Requirement

BLG215a Greek 1 (3)
BLG215b Greek 2 (3)
BLG316 Greek 3 (3)
BLG317 Greek 4 (3)
or BLG225a Hebrew 1 (3)
BLG225b Hebrew 2 (3)
BLG325 Hebrew 3 (3)
BLG326 Hebrew 4 (3)

Biblical Studies

BIBL210 New Testament in its Cultural Context (3)
BIBL211 Hebrew Bible in its Cultural Context (3)
THEO340 Theology of the Hebrew Bible (3)
THEO360 Theology of the New Testament (3)
Upper Division Bible Electives—Textual Studies (9)


BIBL480 Bible & Spiritual Formation (3)
BIBL490 Advanced Biblical Studies Seminar (3)
BIBL498 Biblical Studies Capstone (3)

Career Options

Students who complete the BA in Biblical Studies will be prepared to enter graduate-level programs and will be on track for careers in the following:

  • Academic Scholarship
  • Pastor-Teacher
  • Theologians and Thought Leaders
  • Christian Writer
  • University-level Faculty
  • Christian School Teacher
  • Bible Translation

Archaeology Specialization

Archaeology Specialization (will require 12 of the elective units in the degree program)

ARCH100 Introduction to Archaeology (3)
ARCH210 Archaeology of the Hebrew Bible (3)
ARCH220 Archaeology of the New Testament (3)
ARCH475 Bible and Field Archaeology (3)

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