At William Jessup University we seek to develop the whole person by developing skills in communication, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking and by exposing students to a broad cross-section of knowledge in science, social science, and the humanities.

Undergraduate Programs

William Jessup University offers undergraduate degrees that prepare students for a career or further study in graduate school. Our Quality Liberal Arts curriculum, founded on the integration of faith and academia, encourages students to think critically and problem solve for lifelong learning. Our classes are taught by distinguished faculty that continuously encourage and support our students in establishing and attaining their academic and career goals. A Christian education at Jessup inspires our students to become all that God envisions for them so they may one day become successful leaders in their homes, churches, and communities.

Graduate Programs

Growing out of its commitment to Christ-centered liberal arts education, William Jessup University offers graduate programing which is designed to hone analytical and professional skills to produce thoroughly competent, transformational graduates. Our programs are designed to help students to master relevant conceptual frameworks and to possess an understanding of the subject matter, literature, theory, and relevant methodologies that will help them to become highly employable and successful leaders within their chosen field of endeavor. These graduate programs stand at the heart of the mission of the University meaning that students are guided by graduate faculty that have a passion for teaching, scholarship, and service and who have the ability to infuse a program with Christian values and perspectives.