Master of Arts, English
Bachelor of Arts, English


From the beginning, my path has led to an expertise in composition pedagogy. Although my degree is in English literature, I have always been most interested in teaching students to write. I have studied rhetoric and the critical thinkers who have contributed to the teaching of writing, and I am continually inspired and challenged to be the best composition instructor I can be. Midway through my teaching career, I had the opportunity to expand my writing instruction into the workplace, and I have spent the last 15 years teaching writing to most of the state agencies in downtown Sacramento. This experience has uniquely equipped me to develop a new concentration within the English degree here at Jessup—Professional Writing. Though this concentration is gaining popularity, Jessup is currently one of the only local institutions of higher learning to offer this degree option.

Why Jessup

I teach at Jessup because it allows me to do what I love with the students, faculty, and staff I adore. I began my teaching career in public education where I was continually reminded that my faith must remain separate from my teaching. While I pretended this were possible and managed the two seemingly disparate things well, I longed for a place where I could integrate faith with learning. That, for me, is Jessup. Here, we understand the two are inseparable and rejoice in the privilege of teaching our disciplines while aiding in spiritual formation.

Favorite Class to Teach

I love to teach writing classes! One of my favorite classes to teach is the Introduction to Professional Writing course where students learn the fundamentals and format of writing in the workplace. There is power in the written word, and in this course, I am able to introduce students to the practical—and often lucrative—side of writing. It gives me great pleasure to know that at the end of the semester students have gained exposure and practice into the most common business documents in the field and that they are well poised to compete and enter the workforce.

My Inspiration

The Word of God, my colleagues, and the pioneers within my field inspire me. The Bible is not only the most beautiful and challenging book of prose I study; it is the foremost source of truth for me. If I am able to pass on to my students one lasting habit, I hope it will be to cherish and daily read the Word of God. My colleagues inspire and challenge me to be a better educator, communicator, and person. One of my greatest joys is to sit with my English colleagues and discuss life matters through the lens of literary greats and their works. Finally, I am inspired to contribute to the field of English through innovation and excellence each time I study developments in composition pedagogy. These inspire and delight me.

Recent Work/Scholarship

In fall 2014, we will pilot a program aimed at improving writing in the disciplines. Under my direction, our lead student-writing mentor will serve in our English 092 Freshman Academy Composition course to assist students. Additionally, the pilot will include sending writing mentors into traditional composition courses on peer review and writing workshops days. Along with my lead mentor, I plan to present pilot results at the Northern California Writing Centers Association conference in spring.