• Ph.D., Geography, University of California, Davis
  • M.S., Environmental Science, Alaska Pacific University
  • B.A., Environmental Science, Fresno Pacific University


I enjoy fostering a mentoring relationship with my students and connecting them to field-based environmental internships. My main research interests lie in questions of montane avian community ecology, species-environment relationships with elevation, wildlife-habitat associations, and habitat classification. I have participated in a wide range of conservation and applied ecological research.

An ongoing project is the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Mega-transect. I envision the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) serving as a biodiversity "barometer" where a survey is established with the objective to document the occurrence and distributions of plants, animals, and their habitats across the remote and mountainous regions of the Pacific States from Mexico to Canada.

Why Jessup

I am walking in obedience and I am thrilled to be part of what God is doing here. Lots of exciting things happening at Jessup!

Favorite Class to Teach

I enjoy teaching all of my courses, but my favorite part of each course is to get my students out of the classroom and learning to do science in the field.

My Inspiration

I study creation because it reveals God’s character (Romans 1:20), God’s providence and love (Mathew 6:26-27), and God’s promise to restore (2 Peter 3:10-13). I also draw inspiration from my wife, two sons, and daughter…and my students!

Recent Work/Scholarship

Works in Progress

McGrann, M. C., and B. J. Furnas. In Progress. Heterogeneity in species richness and singing behavior of birds along a montane mega-transect.

McGrann, M. C., and B. J. Furnas. In Progress. Combined use of point counts and automated recorders to monitor avian diversity along a montane mega-transect.

Published Work on Pacific Crest Trail Mega-Transect

McGrann, M. C., M. W. Tingley, J. H. Thorne, D. L. Elliott-Fisk, and A. M. McGrann. 2014. Heterogeneity in Avian Richness-Environment Relationships Along the Pacific Crest Trail. Avian Conservation and Ecology 9(2):8.

McGrann, M. C., and J. H. Thorne. 2014. Elevation Ranges of Birds along California's Pacific Crest Trail. Western Birds 45(1):18-42.

Other Published Work

Van Vuren, D. H., M. A. Ordeñana, M. C. McGrann, and Are Berentsen. 2014. Managing California Ground Squirrels on Levees Using Habitat Modification. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 26:180-183.

McGrann, M. C., D. H. Van Vuren, and M. A. Ordeñana. 2014. Influence of Adjacent Crop Type on Occurrence of California Ground Squirrels on Levees in the Sacramento Valley, California. Wildlife Society Bulletin 38(1):111-115.

McGrann, M. C., G. Wright, A. M. McGrann, R. Dial. 2006. Off-Highway Vehicle Impact on the Flat-tailed Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma mcallii) in the Colorado Desert of Southern California. California Fish and Game 92(2):67-80.

McGrann, A. M., M. C. McGrann, R. Dial. 2005. Off-Highway Vehicle Impact on Astragalus magdalenae var. peirsonii, and Other Critical Plant Species of the Algodones Dunes, California. California Fish and Game 91(2):61-82.


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McGrann, M. C. 2008. A Megatransect of California on the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail: Considering Foliage Height Diversity in Wildlife Habitat Relationships. California Geographical Society Annual Conference, Chico, California, USA.

Popular Press

McGrann, M. and A. McGrann 2010. Stop, Look, Listen: Megatransect of PCT is a large-scale exercise in macro-observation. Pacific Crest Trail Communicator. 22(2):14-17.

McGrann, M. and A. McGrann 2007. More Than a Walk in the Wilderness: A Megatransect of California. Pacific Crest Trail Communicator. 19(1):22-25.

Christopher C. Pauley, Michael C. McGrann, Ronald B. Sams, Cierla V. McGuire, Malinda A. Stull, and Ben F. Brammell. 2015. Use of eDNA to detect multiple species in high elevation habitats in the Sierra Nevada, Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park, CA. 101st Annual Kentucky Academy of Science Meeting, Nov. 13-14, 2015, Highland Heights, KY. Poster.