Ph.D. Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, University of California at Berkeley
M.A. Hebrew Language and Literature, Jerusalem University College
M.A. History, San Francisco State University
Diploma in International Social Sciences, University of Stockholm
B.A. Social Welfare, San Francisco State University


I dig what I do, literally. My expertise is in Mediterranean archaeology particularly as it relates to the Bible. I have excavated at Old and New Testament sites in Israel adding to our knowledge of the biblical world. I also have research interests in ancient travel, (especially inns and caravanserai), women in biblical times as well as in early Christianity. Besides teaching at Jessup I continue to teach students in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, and Italy about how history, geography, language, and culture relate to the Bible and help us to understand it better.

Why Jessup

Teaching at WJU has allowed me to pour my life into the lives of students in very significant ways as well as to learn more about things I love: the Bible, God’s people, God’s world. I can recall specific moments in classes when I clearly knew, "For this I was created."

Favorite Class to Teach

This is a very hard question for me to answer. I love teaching Psalms because it helps us be honest with God and grow closer to Him, but then there is Deuteronomy where God describes how to have a great life and great communities. My favorite New Testament book to teach is Romans (preferably in Rome) because it has had such a great impact on my life helping me to live in the wonder of God’s total acceptance and love for me. I also love teaching archaeology bringing the Bible to life.

My Inspiration

I am inspired by my mother’s example as a godly woman who loved studying the Bible and helping others, by a former pastor who challenged me not just to know about God but to experience God’s love and grace for me personally, by some great teachers and mentors, by noble people in history like William Wilberforce who changed the world in a dramatic way, by people in the Bible like Moses whom God knew face to face or like Abraham called a friend of God. I am inspired by women in the gospels and early Christianity who radically changed the whole world redeeming their society as well as souls. I am inspired by great art, great literature, great music, encounters with great minds and great souls. I am inspired and challenged by my students and their questions and quests. I am inspired by the needs I see around the world—inspired to do something which for me includes teaching them that the God who made the universe loves them enough to send His Son to die for them. Finally, I am inspired by the great cloud of witnesses cheering me on in heaven while I run towards the open arms of Jesus at the finish line (Hebrews 12:1).

Recent Work/Scholarship

I love learning new things and have no intention of stopping. I am currently doing research on prominent women in early Christianity. I also want to write on a long time interest in ancient inns, caravanserai and hospitality in the Middles East. If the political situations in Yemen and Saudi Arabia improve, I would love to trace the journey of the Queen of Sheba to visit Solomon in Jerusalem. Another research interest is spies in antiquity which might culminate in a novel of some sort. So many interests, so little time.