Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist U.C. Davis Fellowship
Adult Psychiatrist U.C. Irvine and U.C. Davis Residency
Medical Doctorate (M.D.) Medical College of Ohio
CA Medical Board Licensed Physician (Psychiatrist) BC/BE
B.A. in Biology Mount Vernon Nazarene University

I believe truth and learning to be the foundation of both appropriate discipleship and an articulate, living, and breathing Christian worldview. With a background first in general medicine and subsequently in various areas of psychiatry, that Christian worldview fleshes itself out in the components that make us who we are. Understanding that Bio-Psycho- Social-Spiritual integrated person that we are, is my passion.

Why Jessup

A significant portion of who I am can be credited to my undergraduate Christian education where there existed an intentionality and discipleship of the mind, taught by educators who had first learned this themselves and were passing it on to the next generation. This undergraduate foundation was the scaffolding for my further post graduate education and career advancement. I wish to be a part of this same process of equipping, encouraging, and discipling others in the academic setting.

Favorite Class to Teach

Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and BioPsychology is a progression of classes that make me smile just thinking about them. I favor collaborative ownership and authorship between student and professor that encourages enthusiastic learning by both in our walk together through this progression.

My Inspiration

Seeking God’s gold standard in every nook and cranny of life with contagious enthusiasm. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made”!