PhD. Union Theological Seminary - Virginia

M.Div. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

BA University of New Mexico


History of Religion in the United States, History of the Christian Church

History of the Interaction between Christianity and Islam, Contemporary

Theology, Military History, Intellectual History (philosophy)

Why Jessup

Jessup is an exciting place to be, given its current growth and future potential. The fact that our teaching and scholarship is couched in a faith-friendly environment is refreshing. We can freely discuss the Big Questions of life and find compelling answers in the Christian tradition without fear that this endeavor is somehow outside the purview of an academic institution

Favorite Class to Teach

History of Religion in America, Introduction to Philosophy, 20th Century History – my interests are fairly omnivorous and thus it is difficult to pick just one!

My Inspiration

I find much joy in teaching, sharing knowledge and experiences, and helping students make connections between their faith and every area of life and inquiry. Ideas matter…we are in a “battle of ideas” culturally in some sense. A good working understanding (and appreciation) of History and Philosophy are essential if Christians are to make a contribution to society and culture.

Recent Work/Scholarship

My current research interests include the “churching” of the Sierra foothills in the 19th century, and the history of institutional responses to Hispanic immigration among US churches.

Recently published: Gurney, J. (2009) Book Review of The Routledge Companion to Religion and Film in Journal of Religious & Theological Information, Vol. 8:1-2 Gurney, J. (2009) Book Review of The Westminster Dictionary of Church History in Journal of Religious & Theological Information, Vol. 8: 3-4