Ph. D. University of Houston
M. Ed. Georgia State University
B.BA. Stephen F. Austin State University


CA Licensed Psychologist (1990 to present).
Board Certified in Counseling Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)

With a background in academia and also as a practitioner, I have great respect for the necessity of theory and scholarship balanced with application. In addition, after many years of teaching and collaboration with faith-based institutions, my passion is the integration of Christian faith and Psychology.

Why Jessup

Jessup has the unique privilege of training students in the integration of their Christian faith with their chosen discipline. In Psychology, the principles of Christianity are essential to understanding human nature. Here we have the freedom to explore the spiritual and psychological elements in partnership with one another.

Favorite Class to Teach

Foundations of Biblical and Psychological Integration I and II
Personality Theory
Psychology of Addictions

My Inspiration

In Teaching: Watching students “light up” when they internalize a concept that changes them.

In Life: There is nothing more spiritually and psychologically healing than being acutely aware of our shortcomings, expecting judgment, yet experiencing surprising grace bestowed upon us from an omnipotent God who personally cares and values us.