Ph.D., Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary 2004

M.A., Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1996

M.Min., Missions, Hope International University, 1992

B.A., Bible and Church Growth, Hope International University, 1983


Mission Training. Leadership Development, Church Development. Urban Ministry. Glen spent 17 years in the Philippines mentoring leaders and pastors, particularly in the context of new church development in urban areas. For the last ten years Glen has been preparing followers of Jesus to serve in cross-cultural ministry contexts. First as the Training Director of a missionary sending organization and now as a professor at WJU.

Why Jessup

His desire is to inspire and equip others to give their life to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the unreached people of the world. He is excited about how the liberal arts educational focus at WJU enables him to integrate the preparation for cross-cultural life and ministry with equipping for a wide variety of professions available through the degree offerings at the university.

Favorite Class to Teach

There are two classes that are my absolute favorites to teach. The first is the “Book of Acts”. In this book we see the incredible ways that God is present with His people as they serve Him and love others. We learn over and over again of his grace and faithfulness. The second is “Issues in Intercultural Life and Work”. This class is exciting because we explore the practical aspects of living and working in a cross-cultural environment.

My Inspiration

"The Bible is not the basis of missions; missions is the basis of the Bible" -- Ralph Winter, U.S. Center for World Mission This quote reminds me that the narrative of history is all about God’s love for the people of his creation. All that God has done and all that is recorded in His Word, the Bible is about blessings His creation and restoring His relationship with them. God has given us the exciting task of sharing His love and His story with all of His creation so His relationship with them may be restored.

Recent Work/Scholarship

Head Facilitator and Regional Coordinator for the internationally acclaimed Kairos Course. Glen, along with his wife Wendy, are not only facilitating the teaching of this course in churches throughout central and northern California, but they are also equipping dozens of course facilitators and head facilitators so that the course can be reproduced by others throughout the region.