Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine, Bachelors Degree in Biology, Southern California University of Health Sciences
Currently pursuing my PhD in Health Sciences with a concentration in physical therapy/movement science


38 years of clinical medical experience within the healthcare field. 11 years of academic instruction at the university level with concentration in degree program development in biology, kinesiology, allied health, and associated disciplines. Providing leadership in faculty and staff recruitment, initiating and coordinating curriculum evaluation, revision, and improvement. Supervise student advisement, manage budget preparation, actively assist in student recruitment, and supervise teaching loads, course offerings, and course schedules.

Why Jessup

A little over 5 years ago I met with Bryce Jessup over lunch and we discussed the possibility of initiating a science department, of which, Jessup did not have at the time. He recommended I meet with David Nystrom and share my vision for Science at Jessup. Through God’s unmerited favor and His provision of the right people at the right time, we now can honestly state that currently the Natural and Applied Science Division is the second largest at Jessup. Jessup is my academic home, and the faculty and staff are my academic family, whom I am humbly indebted to. There is no plan B.

Favorite Class to Teach

Any class with students in it. Seriously, my calling is to utilize whatever gifts God has allotted me to communicate information students need to awaken their own desire and passion for learning. Now, what classes afford that opportunity for me? Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, kinesiology, etc.

My Inspiration

My Jessup colleagues and our students are a constant inspiration that provide me with direction, encouragement, and enlightenment, all through the glorious eyes of our Lord.

Recent Work/Scholarship

Currently developing a partnership with the Associates Research Institute to provide research and publishing opportunities for our students and developing the proposal for an Allied Health Program to meet the extensive needs of our local and regional student community.