Received his doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Southern California University of Health Sciences. With over 40 years of clinical experience in the healthcare field, over 12 years of scholarly academic experience, and with significant administrative leadership involvement, Dr. Stubblefield is the chair of the Division of Natural and Applied Sciences and serves as the chair of the Biology Department at William Jessup University. The DNAS has provided some of the most significant growth for the university, including Kinesiology, Biology, Computer Science, Environmental Science and Mathematics degree programs. He is currently pursuing his PhD in organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University


40 years of clinical medical experience within the healthcare field. 11 years of academic instruction at the university level with concentration in degree program development in biology, kinesiology, allied health, and associated disciplines. Providing leadership in faculty and staff recruitment, initiating and coordinating curriculum evaluation, revision, and improvement. Supervise student advisement, manage budget preparation, actively assist in student recruitment, and supervise teaching loads, course offerings, and course schedules.

Why Jessup

I have been blessed to be a significant part of the amazing progress and growth associated with our science programs at Jessup over the last 7 years. Jessup has innovative leadership, essential spiritual collaborations, in association with significant scholarly applications, which in and of itself, makes Jessup an truly committed and dedicated environment in which to learn, grow, progress, demonstrate and contribute. Through God's unmerited favor and provision, he has blessed us with faculty who are an integral necessity for our Jessup family, whom I am humbly indebted to. For me, there is no plan B.

Favorite Class to Teach

Systemic Physiology and Nutrition and Metabolism

My Inspiration

My Jessup colleagues and our students are a constant inspiration that provide me with direction, encouragement, and enlightenment, all through the glorious eyes of our Lord.

Recent Work/Scholarship

Designing and developing new research opportunities with the OAR and through our Division of Natural and Applied Sciences core faculty, creating new internship collaborations for the Biology, Kinesiology, Environmental Sciences, and Computer Science departments. Currently establishing new collaborators within the Health Care industry, IT industry, State of California, UCD Medical Services, Sutter Medical Foundation, Kaiser Permanente and a host of others interested in working with us to promote scholarly and academic programs for our students. Developing new degree programs in Health Sciences, Health Care Administration concentrations within the Masters of Leadership degree program, minors in Chemistry, Biology, Kinesiology and expanding our offerings within the Biology Department to eventually include complete degree programs in Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Engineering, System Automation, and Cybersecurity