Ed.D. Science Education, Curtin University – Perth, Western Australia

M.A. Education + Administrative Clear Credential

B.A. Natural Sciences + Multiple Subjects Life Credential


Still love to teach & help folks learn. Years of experience in K-8 science and methods of integration into other subjects. Professional Development…helping teachers become better at their craft (math/science, classroom management, etc). Have a heart for International Education – I want all Jessup students to have at least one semester abroad. I’d like to see professors travelling more too. Enjoy collaboration & discovering innovative intersections so that everyone thrives.

Why Jessup

Four C’s brought me to Jessup.
Community – being a ‘people’ person, the openness of folks at Jessup is very conducive to working hard to see that, as a whole, we all do well.
Creativity - to have innovation and alternative approaches not only allowed, but appreciated and recognized is a huge blessing.
Collaboration – getting to know folks enables me to make connections where others might not have seen the opportunity. Let me know how I can help!
Christ – to be openly Christian is awesome. The ability to connect to students and colleagues knowing that God in us is a powerful, encouraging connection.

Favorite Class to Teach

My favorite classes involve student interaction. Teaching as a Profession – the introduction to teaching class is a great start at getting to know the driving force behind students who are called to teach. Next up…anytime I get to teach science – I come alive. The Education Department features Curriculum & Methods in Math and Science that enables students to learn how to approach teaching math & science for students in grades K-8. Professor Albert Yee and I have all the best toys for teaching science!

My Inspiration

I try to learn from the best…My dad, Galen Bull, was a professor at San Jose State University. He took me on fieldtrips, let me hang out in his department (science) and even take one of his classes. I met Jesus when I was 15. Through His direction, companionship and Word, my life has hope and purpose. Folks I meet inspire me on different levels, on different days in myriad ways. My life continues to evolve with each new encounter.

Recent Work/Scholarship

I am the Chief Instigator for the Placer County STEM Expo (, now in its 4th successful year. Annually I present at local, regional and/or national conferences. This year, I will present at the California Science Education Conference (Palm Springs), National Science Teachers Association (Portland), California STEM Conference (Sacramento) and The Education Conference (Rocklin).

“California science students’ perceptions of their classroom learning environments” was published in Educational Research and Evaluation, Vol. 12, No.1, February 2006, pp. 3-25.

This summer I was trained as a National presenter for ‘Time to Teach’, an innovative approach to classroom management.