Ed.D. Science Education, Curtin University – Perth, Western Australia

M.A. Education + Administrative Clear Credential

B.A. Natural Sciences + Multiple Subjects Life Credential


Still love to teach & help folks learn. Years of experience in K-8 science and methods of integration into other subjects. Professional Development…helping teachers become better at their craft (math/science, classroom management, etc). Have a heart for International Education – I want all Jessup students to have at least one semester abroad. I’d like to see professors travelling more too. Enjoy collaboration & discovering innovative intersections so that everyone thrives.

Why Jessup

Four C’s brought me to Jessup.
Community – being a ‘people’ person, the openness of folks at Jessup is very conducive to working hard to see that, as a whole, we all do well.
Creativity - to have innovation and alternative approaches not only allowed, but appreciated and recognized is a huge blessing.
Collaboration – getting to know folks enables me to make connections where others might not have seen the opportunity. Let me know how I can help!
Christ – to be openly Christian is awesome. The ability to connect to students and colleagues knowing that God in us is a powerful, encouraging connection.

Favorite Class to Teach

My favorite classes involve student interaction. Teaching as a Profession – the introduction to teaching class is a great start at getting to know the driving force behind students who are called to teach. Next up…anytime I get to teach science – I come alive. The Education Department features Curriculum & Methods in Math and Science that enables students to learn how to approach teaching math & science for students in grades K-8.

My Inspiration

I try to learn from the best…My dad, Galen Bull, was a professor at San Jose State University. He took me on fieldtrips, let me hang out in his department (science) and even take one of his classes. I met Jesus when I was 15. Through His direction, companionship and Word, my life has hope and purpose. Folks I meet inspire me on different levels, on different days in myriad ways. My life continues to evolve with each new encounter.

Recent Work/Scholarship

I am the Executive Director for STEM Expo, the innovative alternative to the typical science fair. Annually I present at local, regional and/or national conferences.

“California science students’ perceptions of their classroom learning environments” was published in Educational Research and Evaluation, Vol. 12, No.1, February 2006, pp. 3-25.