PhD Trinity College Dublin (2014)

BA English Literature, Covenant College, GA (2006)

MA Literary Studies, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (2009)


American Literature; Literature of the American South.

Why Jessup

Why Jessup? Well, the place has become a home for me. The faculty, staff, and students are like family. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Favorite Class to Teach

Modernist American Poetry. Nothing quite like spending quality time with Robert Frost and Wallace Stevens.

My Inspiration

“The light of Christ: I experience a strange emotion in saying these words, for they mean for me something unusual, they signify that, for my spirit, the Christ is definitely less an object on which I could concentrate my attention than a Light which can, moreover, become a face, or more exactly a regard.” –Gabriel Marcel, Thou Shall Not Die

Recent Work/Scholarship

Recent Conference Papers

The Dialectic of Belief: Participation and Uncertainty in Walker Percy's Lost in the Cosmos," Walker Percy Conference, Loyola University, New Orleans, LA. October 2013.

Directives and Dialogism: A Bakhtinian Reading of George Saunders's 'Victory Lap,'" International Conference on the Short Story in English, Vienna, Austria. July 2014.

The Search and the Postsecular in the Novels of Walker Percy," Western Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA. May 2014