PhD (In Progress) Trinity College Dublin (2013)

BA English Literature, Covenant College, GA (2006)

MA Literary Studies, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (2009)


American Literature; Literature of the American South.

Why Jessup

Why Jessup? Well, the place has become a home for me. The faculty, staff, and students are like family. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Favorite Class to Teach

Modernist American Poetry. Nothing quite like spending quality time with Robert Frost and Wallace Stevens.

My Inspiration

“The light of Christ: I experience a strange emotion in saying these words, for they mean for me something unusual, they signify that, for my spirit, the Christ is definitely less an object on which I could concentrate my attention than a Light which can, moreover, become a face, or more exactly a regard.” –Gabriel Marcel, Thou Shall Not Die

Recent Work/Scholarship

Spring 2009: Presented paper on religious irony in Wolfram Von Eschenbach’s Parzival at UTC Literature Conference.

In 2012: Collaborated with illustrator Jarrod Jackson on a Cameroonian children’s book for SIL Publishing: Jahaangal Yaaya bee Daaso [The Adventure of Yaaya and Daaso] .

Fall 2013: Currently at work on dissertation concerning religious belief and uncertainty in the novels of Walker Percy. Estimated completion is September 2013.

(Upcoming) October 2013: Presenting paper on Walker Percy’s non-fiction satire Lost in the Cosmos at Loyola (New Orleans) at the Walker Percy Conference.

(Upcoming) July 2014: Presenting paper on short story writer George Saunders at the International Conference on the Short Story in English in Vienna in July 2014.