Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Northern California University, 2001

M.A. Counseling, Santa Clara University, 1992

M.A. Child Development and Family Relations, San Jose State University, 1970

Licensed: Marriage and Family Therapist, 1986


My academic passion is centered in attachment patterns across the life span. I find it fascinating to see the parallels between parent child attachments, romantic attachments, and attachment to God. I often refer to the reality that our human attachments are meant to reflect the relational nature of God and to serve as a rehearsal for intimacy with God. These truths have been the motivating force behind my academic endeavors.

Why Jessup

I’ve been with Jessup since 1981. It has been an amazing journey—watching the school transition from San Jose Bible College, to San Jose Christian College, to William Jessup University. I have been so fulfilled as I’ve invested my life here. I can’t think of a better place to serve! It has been a real privilege!

Favorite Class to Teach

Most recently I’ve been teaching Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Relationships, Human Sexuality, and Gender Studies. Honestly, I can’t decide which is my favorite! Abnormal Psychology is fascinating and yet tragic—when you see all the ways that people can get messed up! Fritz Moga and I teach Psychology of Relationships together and we have a blast! And, who would have ever thought I’d end up teaching Human Sexuality. Honestly though, I think this is the one class where I get to see God work most deeply in people’s lives.

Recent Work/Scholarship

Because of my interest in human attachment, I’ve spent a good deal of my study time researching the sexual bond. I speak on the theology of sexuality regularly and I find that most groups are quite fascinated with the parallels between sexual attachment and Christ’s relationship with His bride, the Church. Most recently I’ve written a short article for a church magazine titled “Family Secrets about Sexuality”. Additionally, I have the privilege of preparing future clinicians for the sexual dimensions of their counseling work as I teach for Western Seminary in Sacramento and San Jose in their MFT programs.