PhD, UC Berkeley
BSME, MSME, Stanford University

Why Jessup

Dave Nystrom gave me an opportunity to teach a class, and I was hooked. I love interacting with the students. I want to discover what it means to be a follower of Christ who pursues academic excellence.

Favorite Class to Teach

Conceptual Physics. What’s not to like? Things go boom! I must be the only professor at WJU who has ever put a six inch gash in the wall with a skateboard, all in the name of teaching science.

My Inspiration

My wife and kids, Bezalel (Exodus 31), Joshua, Spock, Mythbusters, Leonhard Euler, James Clerk Maxwell

Recent Work/Scholarship

Most of my non-teaching time has been spent getting math and science up and running at WJU. I hope to have a computer science and/or pre-engineering program up and running in the near future.