M. Div, Western Seminary


I teach my Bible and Theology courses from a pastoral perspective, combining scholarship with practical ministry principles.

Why Jessup

I have been teaching at WJU (formerly San Jose Christian College/San Jose Bible College) since 1971. I am also a graduate of the school. The institution is in my blood.

Favorite Class to Teach

New Testament Exposition. This course develops a practical ten-step method for preparing expository sermons from the Epistles of the N.T. Each student is taught how to exegete three assigned texts and to fashion them into twenty minute sermons delivered in class.

My Inspiration

Like the farmer in Jesus’ parable of The Sower, it inspires me to sow the seed of God’s Word into the fertile heart-soil of the students who sit in my class. I have seen the harvest of forty-plus years of doing it. It is not unusual for my current students to be the sons and daughters of parents who were also my students.

Recent Work/Scholarship

Currently working on a commentary on First and Second Corinthians.