Net Price Calculator

Thank you for investigating the William Jessup University Net Price Calculator
(NPC)! You are taking a very important first step in the process
– and we commit to being right beside you for the rest of your journey.   

The NPC is hosted by The College Board, so a new window will open when
you launch.  You can expect to take about 15 minutes to get through
it the first time. 

While every care has been taken to ensure as much accuracy as possible,
we simply cannot test every possible scenario or combination.  If
your results seem particularly bizarre, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 916.577.2233.

To most effectively use this tool, you need to know that the NPC:

IS NOT For Everyone

Currently, the NPC is designed for High School Juniors & Seniors who are US Citizens or Permanent Residents who are planning on attending college in a year or two
A future enhancement will be to incorporate transfer students.

IS a “What If” Tool

It is designed for you to run it multiple times to see “what might happen

IS NOT Perfectly Accurate

It is only as good as the data you enter.  If your data is incorrect,
the estimate will also be incorrect – either too high or
too low.

IS Educational

You should never rule out a school simply because of ‘sticker price’,
or even by the results of the NPC.  Using a school’s calculator is
another tool to find out more about a school in which you are interested.

Please do not stop considering any school because of price! 
Cost is certainly a factor — but it should never be the only/initial

IS NOT a Guarantee of Financial Aid

This will come from the WJU Financial Aid Office after you apply and are
accepted to WJU.

IS NOT an Application of Admission to WJU or a Financial
Aid Application

Apply to WJU

Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

IS Confidential and Anonymous

You may choose to create a password protected account if you woud like
to save your info for the future.

IS NOT an Accurate Payment Estimator

The NPC starts with something called a ‘Cost of Attendance’ – or COA. 
This includes the sticker price (typically tuition,
room, board and mandatory fees) BUT it also includes standard estimates for
other expenses you might incur throughout the year – such as travel, personal
items, books, and even living costs (like pizza, movies and laundry!).

Remember…these are just estimates!  What you will pay directly
to WJU will most likely be substantially less than the COA.

Think of it like you are buying a car – you need to consider insurance,
new tires, gas and oil changes, but those are not included in the sticker
price of the car. They will come up later, but you don’t pay the
car dealer for those costs. 

IS NOT Totally Inclusive of All WJU Aid Programs

There are a few things that just can’t be incorporated on an estimator -
most notably our need-based WJU Grant.  We are also still working
on adding in performance-based scholarships such as Athletics, Music and
Competitive Department Scholarships.

IS NOT Static Information

Your info may change from semester to semester; federal and state laws
certainly change on a whim; and WJU aid programs are subject to change/modification
from time to time.

At WJU, we pride ourselves on reviewing the entirety of your personal
financial situation, and then making a final decision.  You are NOT
simply the result of a formulaic bunch of numbers.  You are a unique
individual, created by our Lord, and will be treated as such!